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Queen Mumsy and I Meeting HRH Prince Charles


September 12th 2018 was the best day of our sauce queen life, we met prince charles who was delighted I had invented a sauce especially for him

HRH Royal Blue sauce

Cropwell Bishop Blue stilton

White Truffle

White Wine

He even asked if he could take some home with him so I gave him a gift pack comprising of his own very special sauce, our Lobster and Champagne Sauce, our 2 gold star Porcini mushroom sauce and our 1 gold star Peppercorn and Brandy Sauce.



My lord & Ladies

My rather cheeky and utterly delicious sauces including my 2 Gold Star Proper Porcini Mushroom and 1 gold star Peppered Private Reserve are currently available from farm shops, deli's and farmers markets around the Northeast and Cheshire. They can also make their way to the rest of your rumblin’ tums via our new online shop ......ooooooh I'm just spoiling you aren't I???

They are all homemade to my very own recipes, you will find ones for a marvellous piece of steak or chicken to ones for game, fish and even pasta as well as my completely scrumptious dessert sauces

We have our new Christmas sauces which will be available individually or in a gift set for the perfect Christmas Gift.

mushroom ssquare tester.jpg

How to store & cook

Our sauces are extremely user friendly we have designed them with our customer in mind.



Please store in a fridge at 5°C or below

All sauces are freezable

If you do freeze please defrost in the fridge overnight

When cooking after freezing please pour the sauces into a cold pan, heat on the lowest heat setting and stir constantly. Leaving it will cause it to split so please don't stop stirring.


Heating Instructions

Please heat on a gentle setting whilst stirring constantly.




In our core range we have 13 flavours but we do have seasonal sauces which we do at Christmas. However please wait patiently as we have a new range coming soon.

Our sauces are made from only the very best ingredients and wherever possible we try to keep our carbon footprint down when sourcing these ingredients. For instance we source our double cream which makes up between 80%-90% of the volume of your sauce from our local dairy Lanchester Dairies which is only a 15 minute drive away. They make their cream on site so its more or less farm to fork. Its just dumb luck on our part that it happens to be the best double cream I have sourced since The Sauce Queen began and its on my doorstep.

I do only source the best quality ingredient so if its not local I go direct to the source. My Cropwell Bishop Stilton Sauce contains 22% Stilton and I get this direct from the manufacturer which also cuts down on the carbon footprint. The same goes for my award winning porcini mushroom sauce.

In general I aim to make the best sauce that you can buy anywhere but when it can be ethically done I will do. My packaging is also recyclable so please help the planet by recycling my tubs.


our mission

we want to create the best quality sauce you can bUy anywhere in the WORLD

tO give you that touch of magic & luxury TO ADD TO your evening meal

because AFTER all you deserve it!!!

laods of sauces FINAL.png

14 fantastic flavours to choose from

We have gluten free and vegetarian flavours available

Just click on a flavour to see the full details