Creamy Pesto sauce

Creamy Pesto sauce


Pesto Preference

It has the same components as a good pesto but with the addition of double cream giving a more subtle flavour which is delicious with fish, chicken or pasta.

Serving Suggestions

Amazing served with pasta and ready cooked chicken which has been torn and added to the pasta and sauce. Serve with extra basil leaves. It also makes an amazing sauce on some meaty white fish or a piece of chicken.

Serves 4

A restaurant serving for 4 people as a pour over sauce

A generous serving of 2 to 3 as a pasta sauce

Allergy Advice

Cow’s milk & nuts

Made in a kitchen, so may contains nuts

Not suitable for vegetarians

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Storage advice

Store in a fridge at 5°C or below

Can be frozen

Once opened consume within 3 days