Black Truffle Sauce

Black Truffle Sauce


A Black Truffle Sauce That Keeps On Giving

This is such a decedent sauce inspired by my travels to Italy. It has roasted garlic, Italian cheese and delicious black truffle to conjure up the most heavenly flavour.

Serving Suggestions

Amazing with chicken as it kind of brings out a butter'y'ness to the chicken. It is also fabulous with steak. This is also delicious as a pasta sauce or stirred into risottos.

Serves 4

A restaurant serving for 4 people as a pour over sauce

A generous 2 to 3 as a pasta sauce

Allergy Advice

Cow’s milk

Made in a kitchen, so may contains nuts

Not suitable for vegetarians as the cheese is not vegetarian

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Storage advice

Store in a fridge at 5°C or below

Can be frozen

Once opened consume within 3 days