New & Improved Lobster & Champagne Sauce

New & Improved Lobster & Champagne Sauce


The Royal Celebration Sauce

This sauce is so in season at the moment with the Royal Wedding just a few days away.

What a sublime sauce which is so subtly flavoured that it will enhace any fish or seafood you love. I love to make it into coquille saint jacques for the ultimate dinner party starter.

Serving Suggestions

This sauce is fabulous with an white fish, shellfish such as scallops and king prawns. Also amazing used as a pasta sauce for a really luxurious dinner which is easy but would stun any dinner party guest. This is one for a special occasion or if you really need to treat yourself

Serves 4

A restaurant serving for 4 people as a pour over sauce

A generous serving of 2 to 3 as a pasta sauce

Allergy Advice

Cow’s milk, shellfish & wheat

Made in a kitchen, so may contains nuts

Suitable for pescaterians

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Storage advice

Store in a fridge at 5°C or below

Can be frozen

Once opened consume within 3 days