Tomato, Garlic, White Wine & Chilli Sauce

Tomato, Garlic, White Wine & Chilli Sauce


The Naval Reserve

I designed this sauce for some madagascan king prawns which I was cooking for my family on boxing day. They all loved it so much it went it the range. It has a base of cream with some tomato, a smidgen of tomato, white wine and enough chilli to give it some heat but not to burn your mouth.

Serving Suggestions

This sauce is a perfect accompaniment to seafood or fish such as salmon or trout. It also work well with Chicken and makes a delicious pasta sauce as its got enough flavour that you don't need anything else.

Serves 4

A restaurant serving for 4 people as a pour over sauce

A generous serving of 2 to 3 as a pasta sauce

Allergy Advice

Cow’s milk

Made in a kitchen, so may contains nuts

Suitable for vegatarians 

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Storage advice

Store in a fridge at 5°C or below

Can be frozen

Once opened consume within 3 days